I was wondering why the kernel was using, like 20 gigs of RAM, turns out the `vm.dirty_ratio` was 20%.

Now 20% isn't *that* much, but 20% of 128GB is still a lot of RAM that I could be using for other things, like building GCC.

wouldn't disk cache be automatically reallocated to gcc if necessary through?

unused ram is wasted disk cache tbh

@haskal I mean, the kernel was keeping 20GB of shit resident in RAM when idle.

So I just kinda tuned that down a little bit.

yeah but the disk cache memory is like, immediately handed to applications when they need RAM. it's basically equivalent to free memory

there isn't usually a need to turn it down...

@haskal Right, but still, It's just unacceptable to have it take up *THAT* much memory, it really doesn't need it. and ZFS's ARC already likes to be a glutton.

So tuning it down to what it would be on a system with 16 gig is fine.

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