I need an apartment that has a closet I can lead-line for x-ray tomfoolery.

On that note I also need a digital x-ray sensor...

@ironee212 Nah, that's what the lead-lined closet would be for.

@ironee212 I mean, would you not want a digital x-ray machine at home?

@lethalbit i wouldnt know what to do with it xD i have never sat down and thought "man, i really want an xray machine "

@ironee212 Yeah, fair, most people don't but I'd really find it useful for BGA and SMD solder inspection.

@lethalbit now that is a clever use for an xray machine xD i would be too afraid for the radiation and my unborn kid xD

@ironee212 Radiation is scary, but if you're careful and tread carefully it's not too bad.

As for the kids, well, I can't have any so that's not a worry.

@lethalbit nothin holding you back then :) besides the need of the xray machine... and a lead lined closet xD
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