I always get stuck at choosing a hostname for a box, I want to pick something cool, but also descriptive.

@lethalbit My desktop names are rude remarks, my laptop names are cute, (didn't name rpi yet), and my vps is a generic name

@dd86k alice@alice-thinkpad-t420 (or at least that's the way it would be if I could do a clean install on here)

@devilish current hostname on my desktop is "BITCH-IV" because Windows

@dd86k @devilish i name mine after planets/moons

titan is the T500 i'm currently on
ganymede will be my T530 which is still in the mail
my X230 is phobos
desktop is mars
@lethalbit I always name my stuff after magical things

My desktop is "tower," laptop is "tome," server is "obelisk" etc
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