I also need to find a rail kit for my T5240, She's just sitting on top of my R710s at the moment. (I mean, I should do the same for my two DD480s sooner, as they're loaded with disks and weigh like, 4x that poor little box each, but eh)

Yeah I know, none of it's on, I'd pop a breaker if I tried that.

@SamanthaCayne home labs are fun, but I will say something of this scale isn't really manageable for a home player (hence why I have most/all of it off, thin apartment walls, expensive electricity, etc)

@lethalbit im planning on starting a data center business so uhh not really in the home player leagues :v

@SamanthaCayne oooh, cool, I've always wanted to start a DC, can't seem to find the time or startup capital for it though.

If you're ever looking for a partner in the DC world~ (mostly joking, mostly)

@lethalbit honestly im kinda starting to look for people to hire just unsure of when ill actually start the process
@lethalbit its a little stressful but not too bad its mostly just finding people interested in starting this with me honestly, my current plan is after i move in with my gf to save up some money towards it

@SamanthaCayne That's a good plan!

I wish you the best of luck in your ventures~

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