I had a project idea kicking around for a while.

I think it would be fun to build a VT520 compatible LCD terminal. Not like a RasPi in a case running Linux. That's no fun.

But like, something I could sit on my desk and is an honest-to-goodness proper serial terminal.

@lethalbit Well, you might have a chance with something Arduino-related, but I think you would still need an ARM-based one. And from that point on, a Raspi Zero suddenly makes a lot of sense, at least financially.

@lethalbit Alternatively, how about attempting to hijack a Logitech G15/G510/G19 or similar monstrosity?

@dratini0 While that's true, and don't get me wrong, the Raspi, Arduino, et. al. are amazing for quick prototyping and getting people into EE / Making, I wouldn't actually use them to make anything I'd trust or find useful.

I'll give the you price point aspect, but for a project it's not so much about cost, it's going to be a one-off anyway, so why not *really* polish it? Make it something really special.

@lethalbit My finished projects tend to go from "Wemos D1 in a wooden box with some wires and modules" to "full custom PCB in 3D printed box", but yes, I am very price sensitive, which tends to drive many of my decisions.

Also, unlike you, until recently, I used to avoid surface mount stuff, which limited me to building around some dev-board or using a AtMega328P, so essentially an Arduino.

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