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I'm kinda sad that I can't get GCC-7/8/9 on the Travis-CI PPC64LE boxen... RIP.

On the up side all my CI is now done on both ARM and x86_64 now, so that's a thing.

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I love it that GDB can break out a flags field like this.

(Ignore the data, it's a crash from the fuzzer)

Looking at this code is making me angry, it's time for bed.

I know it's "S-word" but I say "sword" every time I type it.

I'm still mad I can't use SFINAE on member variables of a structure to change the layout based on the templated type.


Yes clang, that *is* a magic number, that's the point.

I might have gone overboard with this CI configuration...

I'm happy to see that the XC7A15T-1FTG256 and the XC7A50T-1FTG256 share not only the same footprint but the same pinout.

So the 50T should be a drop-in replacement for the 15T by the looks.

Yay more gates~

It's only 1940 but it feels so much later than that. bleh.

Ugh that's annoying that GHDL doesn't have a '-o' option to specify an output file

I want to like KiCad, I really do, but I can't seem to actually get a hang of it.

For the love of, it's 1552 CHF to buy all the PDFs for all those standards.

This kind of stuff should be widely available to the public, they are standards after all, why would you not want to make them as widespread and easy to access as possible?

Anyone happen to just have ISO/IEC 7816-1,5-15 laying around?

On the search again for ISO standards floating around the internet

Okay so not quite as successful as I would have liked, but *shrug*

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