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Thinking about the best way for a control process to send messages to a daemon process.

The SysV message queue seems like a good choice.

Ehhh, I basically said fuck it and spent the $50 for the @shodanhq membership.

I have the need to masscan but I don't think my ISP would like that, anyone know of a VPS provider that wouldn't mind?

Listening to third wave ska and reading compiler internal documentation. Just one of those nights I suppose.

I was looking at some old post drafts I had laying around that I've never finished.

This one is about manually unwinding the stack...

I never finished the article, but I made a nice graphic for it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I still haven't found a static site generator that ticks all the boxes for me. bleh.

I really need to finish setting up my blog and start getting some articles up on it

Who thought UTF-16 and UTF-32 were good ideas, ick.

It takes me longer to compile FreeCAD than it does to compile GCC or the Linux kernel... Ugh.

So I found out that this bottle is pure lime juice and not in fact limeade like I thought it was *after* taking a big swig of it....

Driving to the store at 2300 to get some brie because I'm an adult.

Why am I writing a JSON parser again?

So I don't know if they do this for *every* order or for just the first one, but a rep from emailed me before my order shipped to confirm compatibility by asking what I was going to connect together.

I feel kinda bad because my order was just two QSFP+ cables...

It's normal for ones desktop PC at home to have an InfiniBand FDR card in it, right? It's not just me?

My chair made me bleed again.....

Playing with Grafana and Prometheus, fun stuff.

I wonder if there is a terminal emulator out there that has full VT520 support. afaik xterm et. al. only implement a small subset of it's features and opt for a more full VT320 or VT220 set.

Anyone happen to know of a small-ish ARM micro that has builtin USB 3 support?

I dreamt about UTF-8 strings last night.... I don't know why.

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