I should set up an SSH tarpit on my VPS

Fixed it so the routing doesn't look like a complete madwoman routed it....

So this totally isn't cursed.

ISO7816 card connector on one end, and a ISO7816 socket on the other with probe points in the middle, totally legit.

As much as I love Compiler Explorer, its dark theme is kinda garbage...

I wish in the GNU Assembler I could ask it to mangle some exported symbols for C++ to use so I don't need to `extern "C"` it.

I've taken the phrase "for the love of the old gods" on in my day-to-day vocabulary, and I don't know if that's a good thing or not.

Ugh, tomorrow is going to be hell. But I do this to myself.

"Hmm, I want to rewatch GATE tonight" I say to myself as I continue to lose my mind on this UEFI project, never actually rewatching GATE.

I'm actually kinda happy with that language split so far.

The question though is, do I take 21VDC as the input and regulate down, or like, 5VDC in and boost up to 21 and regulate down to 3V3?

It occurs to me that if I put a little more forward thought into the design of the SmartCard breakout board and stuck a voltage regulator or two on this thing it wouldn't need 3 different voltages...

Well Rev2 I suppose...

Bootstrapping GHC is impossible when you're on a system that doesn't have GHC...

Who designed this?

I had the awful thought of "I should totally just stay up all night" but as much as I hate myself, I don't hate myself that much.

Therefore it's time for bed.

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Nyeeeh I don't want to go to bed.

I should get a bus-blaster before I flash the firmware on my laptop.

I'd like to feel productive now brain, please.

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