TFS is absolute garbage and utterly useless *grumbles*

I just realized I still have a handful of £5 notes In my wallet from my trip in November, whoops never got that exchanged back to USD, oh well.

*blinks a few times* okay fine have it your way Xilinx

And that's the adjustable power for the level-shifters for the card interfaces buttoned up.

The only two things to really do is sort the power supply for the board then route everything... getting close.

I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I'm starting to run out of IO lanes on this damn Zynq chip... how.

Just a reminder that 猫娘症候群 is adorable and everyone needs to read it.

I decided to round the edges on the mainboard, looks better and as a bonus, it won't stab you now (FR4 is amazingly sharp)

Beholde, the "brand new", vastly "improved" USB frontend.

Something something discord, something something lethalbit#3335

Finally decided to put the effort in and map the macro keys on my keyboard.

Added all the common Eagle commands. This should speed up layout and design a bit.

I'm kinda sad that IRC is starting to die (more than it already was). Like, 90% of the channels I'm in are very seldomly active, it's kinda sad to watch communities kinda fizzle like that.

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Look buddy, it's not going to get any better from here, just get used to it.

It's all good now, turns out someone can't cook and set their stove on fire. Melting plastic smells a lot like an electrical fire.

Awesome way to start the night.... The building is on fire

She's a cute little thing though,

(And no, the hostname Elza has no relation to a character from a popular animated motion picture released in 2013, rather it's from Toaru Majutsu no Index)

My poor LTO tape library takes like, 15 minutes to boot and home its gantry, yikes.

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