I need to find more open source projects to contribute to.

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No, that didn't fix it, it just broke IPv6 routing, fantastic :blobcatumm:

It's not working because I held my modem upside down and all the electrons fell out, right? That has to be the reason.

I'd love a WAN IP Comcast, any day now your DHCP server can respond... please.

Cool, thanks, just assign me the very last IP in my class A....

*kicks her routerboard* route packets out WAN damn you.

Although to be fair, the SoC on this *is* a Zynq-7000, and that already is massive overkill......

So I'm thinking about possibly downgrading the SDRAM on the lethalcard board. 1GB of DDR3 might be too much.

Like the SoC isn't going to run Linux or anything, it's all going to be bare metal, so I should need like, 256M at most.

To the person who tried to buy $28 of things at Home Depot with my card only to have it declined. I hope you're proud of yourself *sigh*

I'm torn between saving up for a new PC, or for a pick and place machine, they'd both basically cost the same.

I normally dislike beer, but I actually quite like Sapporo.

Even it it does take me 4 hours to drink a pint.

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I had a project idea kicking around for a while.

I think it would be fun to build a VT520 compatible LCD terminal. Not like a RasPi in a case running Linux. That's no fun.

But like, something I could sit on my desk and is an honest-to-goodness proper serial terminal.

It's kinda garbage because I spent like, an hour at most cranking this out (I'm slow I know). Here's hoping rev1 works as expected.

So, before the whole platform is done, I need a SmartCard breakout board with a level-shifter. I was lazy and didn't bother to look to see if you can buy these already. So, I decided to just make one.

If for some ungodly reason anyone wants the brd/sch/bom just let me know.

Yay~ Rework station is here. Packed really well.

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