Phrases I've used tonight that I probably shouldn't have now include "Hella memcopies"

I am disappointed to find that INT can only take an imm8, welp, dispatch table it is then.

I still have a metric butt-ton of IO left on this chip, debating if I should leave it be, or just break it out for expansion.

Oh cool, I've always wanted a "Socket Type Processor Number Bits (Instruction Set)"

Hey, anyone into EE, I'm looking to snag a benchtop PSU, the Rigol DP832 looks promising, thoughts?

I'd like to announce my new romance light novel: "My girlfriend the certificate authority"

I'm still salty about ISO/IEC/ANSI

I'm sat here having patched a cross compiler in a hex editor because HPE made me....

Computers were a mistake

Now hear me out, parametric CAD in PCB layout software.

Thanks, but I don't think I'm qualified for that...

My oh so "useful" "skill" of reading upside down has gotten rusty, lame.

Well, I should have gone to bed 4 hours ago.... Perfect time to do laundry~

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Gah, I forgot to add some pogo-pins to the order for something else, whoops.

Finally got DigiKey working well enough to place the order for the breakout boards. Soon~

*sigh* I really do miss IRC, it was something special that Discord or other chat platforms can't quite replicate.

I need to find some more communities to hang out in and not socially silo myself.

But interacting with people is hard...

Right, enough ranting about standards, I've "legitimately acquired" the few I was looking for.

*sigh* You say this ISO, but, do you actually enforce it?

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