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I forgot how next-level the OPs/EDs for Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei were.

So rather than soldering any of my BGA stuff down, I'm just gonna stick it down with that 3M Z-axis conductive tape, should be fine, right?

DWARF debug info in a PE file, sure, why not~

I would super duper love it if OVMF didn't catch my breakpoints and kill my executable as if it had faulted.

I needed that, thank you very much.

Vendoring an OVMF build because it's annoying to build.

Building OVMF because I need the debug symbols, ffs EDK II is janky.

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and I cannot emphasize this next part enough...

The Planet.

Anyone have a recommendation for a decent microscope for soldering? Ideally one with a camera mount or a built-in camera so I can hook it up via HDMI to a monitor, because it's hard to use them with glasses T_T

I fixed it but I'm still mad about the Xrefs being a modal dialog.

Who in their right mind thought that was a good idea?

Broke it out into two docked panels, I think that looks way better, the live updating as you navigate around is pretty swanky too~

This for all intents and purposes gets rid of that awful xrefs dialog box in Cutter.

Might send a PR to see if the people over at
want it.

Tfw you're looking up a problem and the top search result is a post you made in a user group months ago.

So it took me like two hours, and the UI for the docked panel is broken, but I got fed up with it and just did it myself.

(Thanks for the motivation @Paradox )

The more I use Cutter, Ida, Ghidra, the more I want to roll my own, but I know that's a terrible idea.

I also wish that I could dock the Cutter xrefs window, rather than it floating around getting in the way.

I wish you could configure how r2 names string symbols, like, ugh these names.

Also, why the hell are rails for Sun systems so damned expensive?

I just need a pair for my poor Sun T5240

I need to get an InfiniBand switch soon. For no reason at all I want my SAN to run over InfiniBand rather than FC.

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