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Ugh, can't wake up. Gotta find a way to sleep at reasonable hours.

Ugh, I have this report to write about what I've been doing at work. The deadline is almost here. 😭

nevermind looks like it's written in C.

Wow, this gopher browser is written in BASIC. And it's maintained I think. 😀

Exported an article from org-mode to my Gopher server. Looks okay I think. Time to automate the rest of it. gopher://

XMing works perfectly with the i3 window manager. I've dedicated one screen at work to i3 basically.

Just set up my gopher server. Only one page for now, but should be good. Can anyone test? gopher://

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I think having a cronjob to disable networking on my laptop after 11 pm might help with my god awful sleep schedule. Perhaps something similar for my phone too.

I've been a huge fan of static website generators for ages, but now I'm curious to see if there's a performance/security benefit with server side caching a dynamic website. Stuff like IPFS will be good for fully static websites I guess, so that's one reason.

Who would be interested in a Fediverse - > Gopher bridge?

Should I set up a Gopher server?

Also, it's lit. Do you need more justification?

Played with LitElement at work this week. Really straightforward to work with Web Elements without dealing with the boilerplate of the big frameworks.

I'm considering moving out of my shared hosting into a CoreOS server. Migrated some website content and my syncthing shares to

Weekend Project: Genetic algorithms fighting each other

Don't you love it when a Stop Job is running and systemctl fails to shut down?

@sir do you have a recording of your livestream somewhere?

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