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my aesthetic is needlessly piping things when programs are able to read a file

@sir I've been using sway for ~2 days on my laptop, pretty solid experience so far

It's 3.30 why can't I sleep :/

Putting on bedsheets and fixing them would be so much easier if humans could just float in the air.

I've been ignoring my budget app for a few days, caught up on all the receipts.

@ConnyDuck is there a way to make the timeline start from the top? It seems to remember where I was last time I used the app and I have to scroll back to the top.

Ah shit, managed to corrupt my git repo at work due to a power loss. Fixed it in the end though, with some precise git surgery.

Oh shit it was such a cute Mob Psycho episode why did this happen? 😮

Just donated to XMing in order to get the latest builds. The new releases fixed some of the issues that were annoying on the 2007 (!) release that I was using before.

What would be a good simulated environment for AI? Preferably simple and 2D/Grid-like.

Barely recovered from the Great Productivity Gap of December. AKA Christmas.

My ISP finally fixed my internet. Now I have both IPv4 and IPv6 instead of just IPv6

I'm going to get my first performance review soon, so excited :amaze:

Holy shit why is life so beautiful?

It's Friday my mans! The weekend, the weekend is within reach. :pizzablobcat:

Can CSS wizards help me out with something? My blog overflows the screen width, but I can't seem to fix the damn CSS. I strongly suspect it happens on the comments.

Pls boost so a CSS wizard can find what's wrong with it :/

Any of you try G-Fuel before? Supposedly it's better and cheaper than Monster.

I want to post more stuff to my blog, but I also want to keep it high quality and professional. I should make a sub-blog that's hidden from the homepage and rss.

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We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !