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I want to post more stuff to my blog, but I also want to keep it high quality and professional. I should make a sub-blog that's hidden from the homepage and rss.

I wish my web hosting provided Gopher servers

I should occasionally take the time to write on niu, just like a journal. Or rather, I should get a real journal.

How do I get mangas on the Kindles?

I wrote a tiny JSON parser in C# today, ~100 lines of code

It's my birthday today woooo 🎂

Just got a Kindle as an impulse buy, I hope it's good and useful

I got my ESP8266 to display the daily and monthly hits to my blog lol

Started working on a new article about the Godot file format, anybody want a sneak peek?

This style of writing is a bit difficult for me because it's a topic that lends itself to face-to-face discussions with lots of pointing. Or at least a video about it.

Hey @sir, is JMAP support something you're considering for aerc?

Guys guys, idea time. What if we took those micro blogs and made them, like, big. Like, macro blogs.

Someone should make an ActivityPub extension for "watched episodes" so we can have federated MAL

A little hard to get traction behind it though, for most of our non mission-criticial stuff testing is a second thought.

Played around with a little cucumber testing at work

Both my avatar and my cover photo are computer generated images I've made at different times

would this make a good blog post?

I wrote a Python parser for the Godot pack format using just hexdump.

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