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MyTaxi app AB tests. Might be interesting to keep track of this and see which ones make it to the app for good.

Hey @sir Can you write about your RISC-V CI a little bit more? In particular how you reset it to a clean state and automate the builds on it.

Working on a 4096x4096 render of our lord, 16 million colours. Not once repeated.

This picture contains every single RGB colour, each colour is used only once. And it's Richard Stallman.

My website builds were broken because I boosted something on Mastodon lol

Started the new season of Runaways today, seems pretty good so far.

I have habit tracking on my phone and one of the things I'm trying to improve is sleeping before 1 AM. Boy is it going bad.

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I used to have an interactive page on my website that got broken over time. I fixed now. Do you guys think this is a good format for future articles with interactive widgets and animations on them?

Just set up an automated build for my website that runs every 6 hours, using up about 3-5 minutes of AWS time and destroying the VM afterwards. It's pretty cool that we can use clean installs as cron jobs and dispose them after running a single script.

But will you be the Chidori to my Rasengan?

Christmas is ruined. Thanks wish, now my old headphones are crying

I started making my own burritos randomly and they're so good. :amaze:

All of my coworkers are slowly going away for their Christmas vacations

What do you guys think about my microblog page?

Here's Tokyo as well, took longer than some other cities.

Making a map renderer with OpenStreetMap GPS traces

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We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !