I want to post more stuff to my blog, but I also want to keep it high quality and professional. I should make a sub-blog that's hidden from the homepage and rss.

@verystrongcat it's like App Store but the apps are good for privacy. No ads, open source, no tracking, etc.

@verystrongcat use your phone as a phone as much as you can. The less apps you have, the better. If you think you need an app for something, look at F-Droid for it.

You should also disable as many non-essential built-in apps/services as you can.

Try to use a browser like Firefox Focus/Klar to minimise tracking.

I wish my web hosting provided Gopher servers

@eskuero seriously compared to the old CSS crap, flexbox really is amazing

I should occasionally take the time to write on niu, just like a journal. Or rather, I should get a real journal.

How do I get mangas on the Kindles?

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@Feyrir but it's the same difficulty, maybe they just measured the volume and wrote it down as the weight. Maybe the company just wants to mess with you lol

@Feyrir isn't distilled water really easy to convert? Like 1L is 1KG.

I wrote a tiny JSON parser in C# today, ~100 lines of code

@Ytrezar my friend used cracked Debian and got a virus

@Ytrezar content warnings are the clickbait of the fediverse

It's my birthday today woooo 🎂

like if you were friends with @Jessica before it was cool

@lis but they are parasites, who wants to eat parasites. They want to eat you.

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