I might be doing a dissertation on Privacy-friendly targeted advertising. In order to collect research data, one of my options is a browser extension that sends hashed Domain-URL pairs to my server along with a random user ID. Do you think this is a feasable way to do it? Would anyone be willing to install such an extension if it were open source?

@ConnyDuck is that only users or will hashtags be possible as well?

@ConnyDuck any plans for pinned searches in Tusky?

lol c2rust turns true into 0 != 1 and false into 0 != 0. I wonder what its header files for stdbool look like.

@pry good graphics, which game is this? :blobaww:

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friendliness levels are 67% and rising

(67%) ■■■■■■□□□□

@sir instead of that, it might be easier to turn the C AST into JSON, use jq for transforms and then turn it back to C

@ec_ho @eskuero yeah but you can hold them up to get them there

@aitbg send random gifs of your progress so we can follow along :ablobowo:

@fluff I thought Crytal compiled to Erlang's VM bytecode

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you know how when you get new jeans and they say the color may transfer when new so wash them separately the first time?

that's shit advice. they should tell you to wash them with old jeans of a similar color so you can freshen them up a bit.

@sir wow, it looks like GNU embraced the C Programming Language, extended it with their improvements and now a standards compliant compiler cannot compile a large amount of code...

@sir are the extensions making it harder to parse? Or is it just a little bit more grammar?

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The internet's largest singular basket of eggs is down

@wizard or you send a direct message and it becomes just an email :blob_grinning_sweat:

@wizard ActivityPub is like email but you send an email to everyone who has you on their contact list

Are there any games you can play on the fediverse?

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