@ConnyDuck It's not showing it relative to app version right? Could just be less usage of the app.

Might work on a non security-focused toy implementation of Wireguard soon.

AirChina has the worst website / mobile application I've had the misfortune of using. Literally unable to do an online check-in.

I thought Cygwin on a USB stick might be a good Unix environment to keep around in case you need to use another computer, but it's a little too slow I think.

I wonder if a bootable USB would work better.

Termux is one of the best apps for sysadmin-on-the-go tasks. Common Unix tools, ssh and database clients comes very handy when prod breaks on holiday

@sir i'm using Namecheap too. What happened?

@y0x3y nice! Is that Loop Habit Tracker?

@pea @jeffcliff oh I agree about DRM being defective. I don't see how my usage has anything to do with it when I'm copying DRM-free MOBI files over USB and my Kindle is constantly on Flight mode with all cloud features disabled.

Any (preferably technical or software related) book recommendations for my upcoming trip. I want to load up my Kindle a little.

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@shadowfacts I do the same with black to format Python code

I am actually of the opinion that you should update your mobile apps as little as possible and keep the old versions.

This will force the developers to implement stable APIs, which can only be a good thing if you want to play around with their data.

@y0x3y thanks! Do you have a blog I can follow?

@y0x3y hey, I had problems with that earlier today. I thought I fixed all that and it seems to be working for me. Could you send a link that's broken?

Sorry about broken content, I just migrated to Jekyll today. Wanted to give it a try after Middleman.

Tried Dr Pepper today, tastes really nice.

Has anyone used Jekyll to build their blog? I'm currently on Middleman but curious about other options.

Dr Stone became a cooking anime :D

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