More renders. I made the raytracer parallel by using Rayon. It takes a single line change to make your Rust program split the work across all your cores.

Writing a 3D raytracer in . Decent Friday project

@Bitshift send your blog my mans, need RSS 😋

Finally finished that blog post. Will post in a second.

I wish weekends were like 3 days

@shadowfacts that sounds like pretty much any technology :P

My Mastodon settings for featured hashtags

> You might want to use one of these: ,

Further proof that you don't need creepy profiling and tracking to know someone 😀

@isidentical nah, the whole thing is working and the code is basically done. It's just laziness that prevents me from explaining the concepts.

I've been working on this blog post about machine learning and it... just... doesn't... end. I gotta power through and get it done.

Nice short snipped to format whatever Python code you have on your clipboard and put it back there.

Let's see if this Mastodon - Twitter bridge is working

Working on a new unit test library for Python inspired by Perl's Test::Simple.

Is there a good way to mirror my ActivityPub / Mastodon activity to Twitter? I find it easier to write stuff there but I don't want to leave my Twitter dead either.

I didn't get a response on Birdsite when I asked this.

gf got me an electric toothbrush because I've been complaining about toothache <3

Ugh, can't wake up. Gotta find a way to sleep at reasonable hours.

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