@Technowix @trueleo Leo uses niu.moe root password. It's super effective.

@trueleo excuse me I heard you're claiming to be true Leo

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my aesthetic is needlessly piping things when programs are able to read a file

@sir I've been using sway for ~2 days on my laptop, pretty solid experience so far

It's 3.30 why can't I sleep :/

Putting on bedsheets and fixing them would be so much easier if humans could just float in the air.

I've been ignoring my budget app for a few days, caught up on all the receipts.

@ConnyDuck is there a way to make the timeline start from the top? It seems to remember where I was last time I used the app and I have to scroll back to the top.

@icedquinn yeah seriously it saved my butt there

Ah shit, managed to corrupt my git repo at work due to a power loss. Fixed it in the end though, with some precise git surgery.

Oh shit it was such a cute Mob Psycho episode why did this happen? 😮

@shadowfacts is the source code for this available?

Just donated to XMing in order to get the latest builds. The new releases fixed some of the issues that were annoying on the 2007 (!) release that I was using before.

What would be a good simulated environment for AI? Preferably simple and 2D/Grid-like.

@shadowfacts in my website the pages are static, the dynamic parts are CGI scripts. Also a few pages that are dynamic on build time.

@Technowix I think the server logs would get you most of the way there, without being more intrusive than what we currently have

Barely recovered from the Great Productivity Gap of December. AKA Christmas.

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