More renders. I made the raytracer parallel by using Rayon. It takes a single line change to make your Rust program split the work across all your cores.

Writing a 3D raytracer in . Decent Friday project

Nice short snipped to format whatever Python code you have on your clipboard and put it back there.

Working on a new unit test library for Python inspired by Perl's Test::Simple.

Wow, this gopher browser is written in BASIC. And it's maintained I think. 😀

Weekend Project: Genetic algorithms fighting each other

Barely recovered from the Great Productivity Gap of December. AKA Christmas.

I got my ESP8266 to display the daily and monthly hits to my blog lol

I wrote a Python parser for the Godot pack format using just hexdump.

Looks like Virgin Media is having an IPv4 outage, but IPv6 is still working. Is this the future?

MyTaxi app AB tests. Might be interesting to keep track of this and see which ones make it to the app for good.

Working on a 4096x4096 render of our lord, 16 million colours. Not once repeated.

This picture contains every single RGB colour, each colour is used only once. And it's Richard Stallman.

Christmas is ruined. Thanks wish, now my old headphones are crying

Here's Tokyo as well, took longer than some other cities.

Making a map renderer with OpenStreetMap GPS traces

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