Can CSS wizards help me out with something? My blog overflows the screen width, but I can't seem to fix the damn CSS. I strongly suspect it happens on the comments.

Pls boost so a CSS wizard can find what's wrong with it :/

@sir make it really really small? It happens for me if I switch to Mobile view on Firefox. Or use my phone.

The comments load with JS, you seem like someone who would keep that turned off 😀

@sir that makes it better, but still happens to some degree. It made it better when I added it to "code" elements as well.

I'll take a look at your stylesheet, you don't seem to have this problem.

@sir oh you used bootstrap, not fair :P

@leo I can't reproduce fwiw, the CSS I gave you fixes it and your code blocks are already overflow-x scroll

@sir thanks, I'll deploy the comment css you suggested and hopefully that fixes it

@leo It seems to be some weird flexbox thing that I don't entirely understanding

Changing the flex property on .content to `1 auto` instead of `1` fixes it.

`flex: 1;` sets flex-basis to 0%, `flex: 1 auto;` sets it to auto which fixes the issue.

Should also be combined with @sir's word-break rule
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