Is niu still going away? I thought it would be gone by now.

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One of my side-projects is an alternative #FDroid client resurrecting the classic UI from before the 1.0 release.

Here's the list of things still to be fixed before an initial release:

One of the missing pieces is a proper icon which should resemble a retro/lo-fi version of the F-Droid robot. Anyone up for giving this a go?
I'm not a designer, so if nobody steps up the icon will be replaced by programmer art before release :D.


Google wants to run a binary on your system. Enable?

Any technical book recommendations for a plane trip / holiday?

I think in order to have a local Mastodon client that can interact with others, all you need is a webhook endpoint to collect events from your inbox.

You can then fetch those events when you are online and process them locally.

Imagine being offended because your text editor got a cute Christmas hat on the settings button.

Aromat tastes absurdly good :O

Trainline just sent me some email spam. Their HTML version didn't display the unsubscribe link at all while the plain text version offered by email client showed it clearly.

Another reason to I guess.

Gmail calls open source email clients "insecure" compare to it's closed source client, has an objectively bad IMAP implementation and now it blocks less-known browsers. Why don't people switch to Fastmail? It's 3 dollars.

Writing a toy implementation of Yggdrasil network in Python.

Managed to connect to a node and decrypt the Switch update message. The timestamp looks good too.

"This article presumes that proprietary/nonfree software is irrelevant, and so should you."

Now that's a quote I can get behind


I've been using coroutine.h while doing some embedded development. It's quite nice to use and I'm happy with the performance and the ergonomics. I might start using it on desktop / server applications too.

Looking for a place to migrate my Fediverse account. What are some good options? Is it too difficult to implement ActivityPub and self-host?

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Making my software decisions based on dragons:

clang: ✔️ has a dragon
gcc: ❌ no dragon
kde plasma: ✔️ has a dragon
gnome: ❌ no dragon
wireguard: ✔️ has a dragon
openvpn: ❌ no dragon

Made a small plaintext format for calorie-counting (or nutrient counting in general). This is how I define foods.

New episode is so cool. Very proper indeed.

Wow! The state of Notepad++ issue tracker is horrifying. You'd think a large website owned by a large corporation would have some trivial spam filters.

I'm planning to move to New York and work in Manhattan soon. Can anyone living there share their experience about the safety of the city?

Google locked me out of my YouTube account. I decided to self-host my videos. Here's a timelapse of making a view counter for my video section.

WhatFreeWords sounds like a good idea to integrate to location related projects. It's basically some open-source code to map any location to 3 words, and vice-versa.

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