I wonder if saving an HTTPS response from a website can be used as evidence that's guaranteed not to be manipulated by the person saving it. Could be quite useful to have a tool that can dump/verify signed responses like that.

Another example of data processing with shell pipelines. Most commonly seen User-Agents on an access log.

More renders. I made the raytracer parallel by using Rayon. It takes a single line change to make your Rust program split the work across all your cores.

Writing a 3D raytracer in . Decent Friday project

Finally finished that blog post. Will post in a second.

I wish weekends were like 3 days

My Mastodon settings for featured hashtags

> You might want to use one of these: ,

Further proof that you don't need creepy profiling and tracking to know someone 😀

I've been working on this blog post about machine learning and it... just... doesn't... end. I gotta power through and get it done.

Nice short snipped to format whatever Python code you have on your clipboard and put it back there.

Let's see if this Mastodon - Twitter bridge is working

Working on a new unit test library for Python inspired by Perl's Test::Simple.

Is there a good way to mirror my ActivityPub / Mastodon activity to Twitter? I find it easier to write stuff there but I don't want to leave my Twitter dead either.

I didn't get a response on Birdsite when I asked this.

gf got me an electric toothbrush because I've been complaining about toothache <3

Ugh, can't wake up. Gotta find a way to sleep at reasonable hours.

Ugh, I have this report to write about what I've been doing at work. The deadline is almost here. 😭

nevermind looks like it's written in C.

Wow, this gopher browser is written in BASIC. And it's maintained I think. 😀

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