such a lovely walk. fall is beautiful. many trees don't have any leaves already, but those that do are so bright and colorful, so pleasant to look at. birches especially, i love how their branches hang down. there also are some flowers!

and very black birds i haven't seen so close before. they're like crows, but different, dark and with a different posture.

when we were returning home, there were a lot of these birds and crows. one of them was sitting on a wire. it saw us and started cawing very loudly, and birds that were closer to us flew away.

we were looking for rowan berries to put in a vase. it's late for them, and most trees only have berries closer to their top, which is too high. but there was one tree we picked a few branches from, it was so bright red, even though no leaves already.

also there were more rowans than my girlfriend thought, she said we'd have to spend a couple hours to find one. well, we did need to spend them to find one with many berries, but as i told her before, there actually are a lot of them here.

but fall is also cold as hell, and seems like my girlfriend is sick after this walk... i hope she gets well soon >.<

oh, not only her, i'm not well either..


gonna have some hot tea, order pizza and have tea again when it arrives!

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