i hate it when it's too hot to sleep under a blanket >.> blankets are cozy and i can't sleep without one!

@leip4Ier to be simple your skin have happy chemicals buttons that can only be pressed by other humans when you hug or have direct contact with human

may also work with doggo

and here's the hat a mcdonalds worker said is cool! :blobcat:

a mcdonalds worker has just said that my hat is cool!! o:

back from a mall! happy about all the stuff we've bought, but soooo tired

people who say that everything you upload to the internet stays there forever, what is your excuse?

it feels like the web is dying
but it's good web that's dying and not bad, bad web is fine >.>

even neocities websites already have broken links and banners
at least this way it feels more like browsing the old web.. :/

i guess i'm too used to tapping that "snooze" button five times each morning

today gf and i found out that alarm clocks make us even sleepier :blobcatdead:

she couldn't fall asleep after waking up at 5 am and i woke up sometime before the alarm. we were gonna get up and have breakfast when the alarm went off. it made us want to cuddle a little more and i eventually fell asleep again :blobcatfrowning:

wind is trying to take my umbrella away :(

my hair is so fluffy today! i've had it braided for the whole weekend

i need a script that'd save avis of all people i interact with and show a clickable "new" label when one of them changes their avi. so that i could click on that label and see the old avi. and possibly revert the change on my end!

ptsd, child abuse 

unless someone makes up a conspiracy theory like "these watches are remotely-activated bombs!!!!", of course

so apple watches already warn you when the environment is too loud. if i were apple, my next step would be to add a geiger counter and warn users when radiation levels are too high, it'd immediately become the watch of choice for survivalists!

is it me or ambient noise of the city was louder yesterday

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