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well, let's try... i don't have an yet, so let the bingo serve as one!

tbh didn't think that such a feature would be so useful to me

image alt texts aren't only useful to those who can't see. i have perfect eyesight, but still often don't understand what's on a photo, alt texts help a lot :blobcat:

i need to go to a grocery store and buy some food, but i don't wanna go outside... :blobcatnotlikethis:

gf always says that it looks beautiful, but i can't see my hair when it's behind me, and phone cameras rarely work well for this >.>

i love wind blowing in my face. it makes my hair flutter behind me, so i don't have to tuck it behind my ears. also it probably looks beautiful~

why does my body suddenly need soooo much oxygen

ugh, i shouldn't've watched those videos, now i want an electric skateboard, and they're expensive >_>

ideally i'd like to own a motor scooter (a cute vespa!), but it's a huge thing, needs something like a garage, and i'm not a fan of combustion engines and gasoline... also i can bring a bicycle or something like that home, but with a scooter i'd either be constantly worried about whether someone's gonna steal it or would have to pay for a place where to keep it.

but it's the only way of transportation that isn't public transport or a car available for this city. i could go to work by scooter... uhh

was reading about different electric vehicles... interesting, there're many different kinds

aesthetics are important for me, and gyroscooters and e-scooters give some kind of a hipster feeling and look like a toy, not something you'd use to get somewhere, so i think i don't like them. and electric unicycles are cool! they look so cyberpunk, and seem to be convenient and possible to use as an actual way of transportation and not just a toy. but they still don't look as fast or reliable as bicycles, seems like their controls aren't as good and they need better roads.

but then i saw an e-skateboard in one of those videos, and, that thing is awesome! they're fast, acceleration and braking are controlled using a remote (kinda more reliable than just leaning forward or backward), and they seem like a more... stable thing. and cyberpunk, too!

this yogurt tastes just like toothpaste... and it isn't bad, but so weird

but i don't think this much physical activity is good for my body, and the air on car roads is pretty bad...

i made it to home! and it was not as bad as i expected it to be, but still terrible, i won't go to work by bicycle again >.> i had a hour-long headache after i arrived...

but at least i was twice as fast as a bus would be, and it feels so cool to overtake all those smug car drivers in a traffic jam. i'm the fastest!! bicycles are faster than cars!

also seems like my requirements for a phone are lower than for many people who voice theirs here ^^"

i like touch screens and i can hardly imagine using a hardware qwerty keyboard. things i need are a small screen (~4", it's hard to use larger ones), a good camera, reasonable security, preferably some kind of a fingerprint or face scanner, lte. also i didn't root my android phones, bc i'm not sure why would i need to. only if to make the system UI cuter... (when it's possible to delete google without root)

i'm not a phone enthusiast...

do you prefer smartphones

i've never used a phone with a physical keyboard, are they indeed as good as everyone says?..

also, note to self: i should make ponytails or braid my hair when riding bicycle >.>

tfw you look back to see if a car is gonna overtake you, then your hair gets all over your face, while the car is already close and is gonna hit you

actually i expected this, i just wanted to try to go to this office by bicycle at least once. with the previous office it was easier...

i'm just so envious, in books and tv series a lot of girls use bicycles as their main way to get somewhere, and for me it's impossible bc of the city i live in :blobcatsadreach:

bicycles are, like, the symbol of sustainability and autonomy, i'd like to live somewhere where it actually works...

but honestly, it was a mistake. this city is a fucking mountain!! >_<

i was going downhill for most of my way, except for the last 200m... which were terrible, i had to get off my bike and go on foot, tired as hell

i had to climb >20m, if the elevation map is correct. and i had a headache for like a hour after that, unable to even read :blobcatnotlikethis:

so i'm not sure i'll make it back... the difference between the lowest part of the road and the highest is more than 30m!! i'm gonna die trying to get home...

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