reminder to self: never paint nails with your hair down

webclient calls it "boost to original audience" in "..." menu

oops. seems like i can boost my followers-only toots? interesting.

pablodraw is completely unusable, crashes because of a null reference exception. i tried versions 3.2, 3.1, 3.0, but the issue persists. i remember using it flawlessly around two years ago, so most probably it's external changes, like mono updates or something.

so, what are other options to create ? should i set up dosbox and use something like aciddraw?

so now it's evening and mastodon started posting interesting things to my home tl, so i can't do what i should be doing...

so apparently i found the term for what bothers me in programming (especially in js ecosystem), distracts from actual coding and leads to burnout

it's 'shiny object syndrome'

would be much better if i didn't have it... though, not sure that i would have such motivation to learn without it

accessible πŸ‘ dark πŸ‘ themes πŸ‘ in πŸ‘ everything πŸ‘

daily dot article about masto Show more

daily dot article about masto Show more

daily dot article about masto Show more

and today i also what i couldn't make myself do for several previous days, nice

only a few details are left, it'll be easy

so in the end it was a really good idea to take a day off, i'm glad that my gf (and @amphetamine , too) convinced me to do it ^.^

i pretended to be sick, but i would prolly indeed be today if i didn't do that

i really don't wanna go to work tomorrow, and my gf was trying to convince me to not to

but i can't find an excuse for myself and hesitate too much... even though i know boss will prolly let me take a day off

or not, not sure if there're any urgent tasks


gf: why are you allergic to everything you need to eat to stay healthy?
me: it seems like this world doesn't want me to live
gf: yup, it does seem like that

@saga @clarkyCat @cdmnky probably best to replace star with a dot and call it the ack button

shoutout to package managers and maintainers for making life with a computer bearable

damn it, i hope that i'm not getting sick
feels like my temperature is rising

funny day

boss asked us to check if we can get a korean passport, i started browsing tor marketplaces

no korean passports, but a lot of more interesting things

here at work browsing masto and listening to music, hear nothing from the outer world

opened cctv cam view on screen so that i notice when someone enters with peripheral vision

so now a coworker opening dark and light windows on his screen is distracting me >.>

how the hell do people use birdsite when even 500 symbols in mastodon is frequently too little

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