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First, anime is too big to be a single genre of film. To say, "I don't like anime" is like saying I don't like movies. You can say that, but don't judge all of cinema because of one Adam Sandler movie.

Having said all of that, I haven't seen enough anime to join or be part of pleroma. That's obviously a perquisite.

Me 1 week into fedi: This is cool
Me 2 months into fedi: Ooh, nice cutepost!
Me 4 months into fedi: *lewd thread*
Me 5 months into fedi: guess I'm a furry now

Me 6 months into fedi:
fedi: "transition?"
me: oh no

I have a very naughty bed. Time to hit it. With all I got.!


i heard that lots of people are excited that some people are playing with a ball today

i'm excited for them too, it's fun to play with a ball :blobcat:

:blobcat: See cat :blobowo:
:blobcat_mlem: Boost cat :blobreach:

I don't make the rules. :blobuwu:

:blank: :blank: :blank: :meowBox:

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Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !