hey, very dumb question:
does someone here have a company with an open position as a developer? feel free to contact me, im on the search of one.

(sorry just getting a bit desperate)

@kura could help to give a few details such as "country" :)

@Arwalk you can see the country in my username: germany
my favorite languages are (node)js and golang, i am good with php and c# as well, with a bit of getting back i can do python and ruby as well. i can do c++ too, but i prefer not too. i am fine with remote work (i'd prefer to stay in germany) but if moving would be sponsored, i'd think about moving. prefer to stay in eu though

@kura Well, a flag in a username doesn't necessarily mean anything. Anw, i doubt there's anything around me for you then. Sry.

@Arwalk can you eloberate please? i mean im always open to new challenges

@kura No remote work, no sponsor to move that i know of, and java EE.

@Arwalk okay, java would be one of the few languages i never really got warm with. thanks for your time anyway, highly appreciated

@kura Good luck! Don't be desperate. I'd advise to try LinkedIn, make a nice profile, up to date, and potentially use one of their subscriptions. They're not cheap, but tbh i spend 2 months of subscriptions when i was about to look for an internship, and in the end never had to search for a job yet: everything went through LinkedIn.

@kura Can you send me work samples? JS code you’ve written that you’re proud of?

- modloader for discord. hooks into webpack, uses react, and buble

- will be a tweetdeck clone for mastodon/fediverse
- uses webpack, buble, vue
- very very basic, only the skeleton if at all is existing.

the untagged version of DI itself is not completly runnable right now, but its the version i am most proud of right now. lot of work poured into it (v4 is completly rewritten by me, over one year of work gone into it)

@kura Hmm. OK, I can't promise anything, but it will give me a better idea if we could use your help if you could do the following:

email hi@okturtles.com the following info:

- Your name
- Your resumé
- Direct links to files containing code you're most proud of (3 links is good, at least two in JavaScript, the other one can be any language)
- Whether you're OK being paid in crypto and if so which currency out of BTC, ETH, and XMR
- # of hours per week you can dedicate to an open source project

@taoeffect the second to last bullet is not my type o thing. would that be a ko criteria? if so idm

@kura don't know what "ko criteria" means (knock-out?), or "idm" ?

ko criteria (german saying i guess) is a "youre out" like thing.
i cant accept crypto due to several issues and problems involved with it.

idm is short for i dont mind.

@kura Most of our donations are in crypto, and doing international payments in anything other than crypto is a nightmare, so at this point in time yes it's a hard requirement

alright. quite sad, but i am not able to process crypto money on my end without huge legal trouble. which id prefer not to go through right now.

thanks for your time though!

@kura No problem, good luck. If that changes feel free to message me again

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