@melunaka @lanodan @nichii bc i know a lot of arch users that are like the vegans of the linux world.

@RussSharek @kura @lanodan @nichii I mean, I always see people saying this kind of things but never witnessed it — although I now for sure there are jerks using Arch Linux


Being a jerk and a Linux user are mutually exclusive traits of the human condition. It's entirely possible to be one, the other, neither or both.

@kura @lanodan @nichii

@kura @melunaka @lanodan @nichii More like the PETA of the linux world. Most vegans hate PETA. PETA is the Arch linux of activism. LOL

@donblanco @kura @lanodan @nichii That’s a bad comparison because Arch Linux is not doing any annoying lobbying by itself

@melunaka @kura @lanodan @nichii yeah, so maybe PETA members/advocates. I excel at stretching analogies :)

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