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hey, very dumb question:
does someone here have a company with an open position as a developer? feel free to contact me, im on the search of one.

(sorry just getting a bit desperate)

SNOY: let's ban kissing in games
Nintendo: Remember those loli porn games on the vita? let's get those on switch.

1.5h til :3

after that an apartment inspection and hopefully signing the contract

and after that im happy to do whatev

I miss the days when "tracker" meant "cool program used to create amiga music" and not "evil thing that spies on your internet activities".

Whenever a web browser, operating system, or web site gains dominance among users, it stops being cool and starts becomes blatantly abusive.

This Chromium nonsense is just more of what we saw from Internet Explorer.

Every generation of geeks learns this anew, and acts all shocked. Learn some history, folks. Learn from those who came before.

Stop supporting only one platform. Variety is ESSENTIAL. Monocultures are death. #sysadmin

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