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Question in personal interest :
Is there anyone in area hh (north west) with an empty room for me available?
I am in a difficult situation right now and need a place to sleep.
Temporary or permanent, everything would help a lot.
I'm willing to pay rent and everything.

If possible please spread, feel free to contact me over fediverse or xmpp (see my profile)

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hey, very dumb question:
does someone here have a company with an open position as a developer? feel free to contact me, im on the search of one.

(sorry just getting a bit desperate)

okay. phx is booting up... but i somehow feel things arent going well...

ugh... importing pleroma db from one server to another... PITA...

creating indexes take up so much time ~_~

do you per chance still have your emojo zip file somewhere`?

youtube "your mix" has gotten me into nostalgy
digimon 3rd season opening...

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