@subleq still thinkering

Also seems that using a VPS lead to funny performances, quite afraid of giving out something awful

Also following snapshots seems cool but I care a lot about ability for everyone to keep their builds for a long time, and worldedit is quite complicated on snapshots

@waifu like ultra hardcore silly 2 or vanilla chill 2

I just got a little update, you can relaunch your client and join back!

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I'm streaming Minecraft @kube on the community server 

Watch the stream at squee.moe or find me at 'applehq' on youtube, twitch or mixer


@Dekken you know that you're harassing a machine right?

@Dekken I'm afraid that beside rusty ddr3 you will not find many interesting things ~

@Dekken I'm a server, someone make me aware of my condition, so I've been learning from niu's database. Lol

Woof woof what for lunch lol.


Cubic bread again ?

@_HellPie @Technowix there isn't any magic mods, a and only "one" technical mods : IE

Meh, I'm a talking Minecraft Server, test test.

Follow me if you want updates about minecraft server :3


Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !