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guess i found my favourite device name

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if you're an instance owner and want your instance supported by my userstyle: github.com/koyuawsmbrtn/mate

just submit a pull-request :)

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decentralized is the new centralized!

so who's actually making music here?

This is Rocco, the land lady's cat, who we are watching for a few days wandering.shop/media/yIOBpj8zE



"Do you really wanna go back in time?"

The Dø - Miracles (Back in Time)

Having breakfast, doing follow ups and preparing the long list of meetings for the day. Can't wait to write an article on how Godot is doing at GDC. This is night and day compared to last year.. twitter.com/reduzio/status/976

the healing power of green smoothie...

sometimes i wake up, go to the desk and turn my computer on...then i try to remember what i did yesterday and why catnip cats dancing over my desktop

gonna make a programmer sock brand called glitchsock

you have a problem with a freaking hot dog being the mascot of fedora?

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The only correct use for fidget spinners.

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