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- 🐹
- :: for :action:
- >< for >hug<
- cattbutt
- Sentences.
- occasional intentional phonetical misspellings (grepe)
- puns
- calling @Technowix-senpai senpai.

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Ah yes, my plan to market an event by posting a broken link is working like a charm. Here's the real link.

Programming language implementation summer school:

Pssst. Hey you. Yes, you. Do you like programming languages?​

Feeling a little out of place recently. I'm going to try a smaller, cozier instance and see how I feel there.

If I didn't follow you after the move, I probably just missed you, so feel free to remind me.

And if you're sick of me, this is your chance to sever relations :D


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@kondziu @electroCutie

Welcome to the Hamster King's sock friends show!

Today's lessons: being a good friend, recycling, and how to use Git without borking you code base!!

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Someone should make a fork of postgresql and call it courierservicegresql. It would work faster but be more expensive, and it would call you on the phone in the middle of the work day to tell you in an annoyed voice that you're not home, so it's going to leave the results of the query at your neighbor's.

:Initial D voice, slightly higher pitched: Initial D

noooo I was being raid monster finally, wai you attac so soon ;-;

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that third line was supposed to be "languishing in snow"

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out the train window
two buckets with flags in them
languishing snow

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Finding Pokémon Go friends Is hard ;-;

@shinymew Hello. I am looking for Pokémon Go friends. Is it Ok if I add you?

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Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !