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- 🐹
- :: for :action:
- >< for >hug<
- cattbutt
- Sentences.
- occasional intentional phonetical misspellings (grepe)
- puns
- calling @Technowix-senpai senpai.

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Another weird painting what I done
[Possibly a bit creepy painting? Nothing specific but dark]

idea: truman show, but it's an indie rock band that can't catch a break

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I painted a creepy thing (and am selling it to H's nephew) [creepy painting, skeleton, but done creepily]

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Actually, Pavlov was the doctor. You’re thinking of Pavlov’s good boy.

Why do people try to contradict this simple universal truth.

Remember: you can't go *beep boop* without going *boop*.

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Long, America rant but not political Show more

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Here's a Misskey cutepost
was fun trying this out!

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I left for work an hour earlier than usual. I arrived half an hour earlier than usual. Time is not linear. QED.

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