I have moved to @kisik21. It was nice to live here on niu.moe, and I reserve the right to return here. But for now thanks for hosting me here ! I love you all. you are all wonderful people ❤️

@Technowix but I guess the account migration feature just doesn't work at all... because there are no changes when I push the save button!

@Technowix I still have my email that I log in with.

@Technowix if it is not, could you undo it by digging into database? well, why am I even asking, who owns the database controls everything

If I set up account migration, would I be able to undo it and return to using niu.moe?

@funbreaker @scarlett@catgirl.science @Deiru@gensokyo.social
I'm not probably going to set up pleroma instance on my srv, so I'll need an answer from user perspective but thanks for info!

@scarlett@catgirl.science @Deiru@gensokyo.social *purrs*

@scarlett@catgirl.science @Deiru@gensokyo.social nyaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!!!!!!

@Deiru@gensokyo.social @scarlett@catgirl.science also do you have custom emoji like :blobcat:?

pleroma dot-moe blocking drama 

@Deiru@gensokyo.social @scarlett@catgirl.science is pleroma any faster than mastodon? does catgirl.science federate with everyone? are you on any blocklists?

how is pleroma different from mastodon anyway? ughhh sorry I just have too many questions 😨

pleroma dot-moe blocking drama 

@Deiru@gensokyo.social WHAT IS CSI?

sorry too much unknown words in one day for me :blobcat:

@Deiru@gensokyo.social I'm not Christian, for me the proper calendar is the calendar I use on my computer

pleroma dot-moe blocking drama 

with this kind of drama around and .moe domains I just want to set up my own instance... but I already have fireburn.ru, my blog... btw people can you read @vika from your instances?

@Deiru@gensokyo.social around four days until christmas in western countries, 18 days in Russia ('cause russian orthodox church wants to be cool and edgy and doesn't follow proper calendar)

@fence@miniwa.moe @karolat @Deiru@gensokyo.social with this drama around Pleroma I'm kinda afraid to act :blobfearful:

@Deiru@gensokyo.social @fence@miniwa.moe @karolat wtf is Dzuk and their(?) blocklist?

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