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Somebody once told me that Bane was gonna troll me
I ain't the biggest guy on the plane
I was looking kinda dumb with my finger and my thumb
In the shape of a hook on my belt loops

Well, the jeep starts coming and it don’t stop coming
Sold to the feds and I crash the plane gunning
Didn’t make sense not to talk about Bane
Pull the mask off and you’re in extreme pain

So much to shoot so much to throw
So what's wrong with taking the mask off?
You’ll never know if you don’t show
You’ll never fly if you don’t go
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did you guys know you can change the background in pleroma FE for when you're logged in? :)
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Book Ten:

8. Epithets for yourself: Upright. Modest. Straightforward. Sane. Cooperative. Disinterested.
Try not to exchange them for others.
And if you should forfeit them, set about getting them back.
Keep in mind that "sanity" means understanding things--each individual thing--for what they are. And not losing the thread.
And "cooperation" means accepting what nature assigns you--accepting it willingly.
And "disinterest" means that the intelligence should rise above the movements of the flesh--the rouge and the smooth alike. Should rise above fame, above death, and everything like them.
If you maintain your claim to these epithets--without caring if others apply them to your or not--you'll become a new person, living a new life. To keep on being the person that you've been--to keep being mauled and degraded by the life you're living--is to be devoid of sense and much too fond of life. Like those animal fighters at the games--torn half to pieces, covered in blood and gore, and still pleading to be held over till tomorrow ... to be bitten and clawed again.
Set sail, then, with this handful of epithets to guide you. And steer a steady course, if you can. Like an emigrant to the islands of the blest. And if you feel yourself adrift--as if you've lost control--then hope for the best, and put in somewhere where you can regain it. Or leave life altogether, not in anger, but matter-of-factly, straightfowardly, without arrogance, in the knowledge that you've at least done that much with your life.
And as you try to keep these epithets in mind, it will help you a great deal to keep the gods in mind as well. What they want is not flattery, but for rational things to be like them. For figs to do what figs were meant to do--and dogs, and bees ... and people.

From Meditations by Marcus Aurelius (translated by Gregory Hays)
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/cyb/ future, listening to radio shows on the net, streamed from vinyl, organized on a distributed social network
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@karen dewoo wants to know if they can be your friend again :v

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What the fuck I have 700 followers?
Woah that is a pretty big number my dudes!!
You guys are probably getting tired of these posts, but it still excites me huhu
I've never had so many followers on something before!!

I'm having a celebratory Chinese 茶

So here is the promised face reveal:

i've found there is no need for follower only posts! if you post from enough accounts only your most dedicated followers will see how little you really have to say!

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