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Ms Cat

i'm voice is dying from laughing too much

this run is simultaneously a huge trainwreck and amazing

"now i'll be getting something called Low HP"
"oh no that's too high"

y'know what

this gdq has been really good

i wanna know if muffin is always on drugs or if he's just like this

"it's reverse bottle adventure but not in reverse"

best BA explanation

i just wanna snuggle and play video games and eat sweets

i love coffee with whipped cream so much omg

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what happens when a shitposter and a speedrunner love each other very much?

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prezidentské volby:
bad ending: Zeman zvolen v prvním kole
neutral ending: Topolánek vyhrál druhé kolo
good ending: Drahoš porazil Zemana o procento
true ending: Petr Hannig zavraždil osm zbylých kandidátů a prezidentskou imunitu použil aby unikl doživotnímu trestu

Je to smutný když zeman je osobnostně nejsilnější kandidát

všichni ostatní jsou prostě strašně nudný

i slept like a century but i think i'm awake now

tfw ur gf misses you so much she calls you to wake you up