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Karen (tfw gf) @karen@niu.moe

I'm on my train

I had a great weekend but I'm going to hecking miss lili

@Pasty meow (it means I love you in cat)

hi ( πŸ‘‹ )
did you know that I love ( πŸ’ž ) my gf ( πŸ‘­ ) ? ( ❓ )

@karen *imagines Karen cuddling a StG44*

@lain where did you get my nudes wtf

I just want a cute ww2 rifle so I can cuddle with it when lili isn't around

*looks at you and tilts its head*
(Β οΎŸο½€Β γ€‚7
Β ( ︢ヽ
Β Β UΒ UΒ Β )γƒŽ

Tfw wife is arguing with people on the Internet instead of eating

You got my lili into pleroma mood smh

I don't pay as much attention to regional politics as I should probably