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does the bun not animate on mastodon

now everyone knows that i'm the real kawen of fame

figured this rel="me" thing out


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I'm still scared of postgres so clearly the solution is to write something that uses postgres so I understand it better

I used to be scared of nginx but then I wrote some configs for myself and its actually alright

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Since people are just up and promoting whatever on here, I think new people coming here should now that Pleroma was developed by awesome people and definitely should be a place to recommend to people trying to get away from a bad experience

Hello my name is Ms Cat

I'm kind of a big deal

Instance died but I'm in bed and lazy

Can't ssh to it, not responding to ping


Think my server is having a hiccup

i'm so nervous messing around with this lol why can't i just have a physical server, i understand hardware, not web interface buttons

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