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today was one of the worst days in recent memory


i can't shake the feeling that i'm losing the most important thing in the world to me (in october, again) and it's been bringing me down super hard

october really is the worst month

one of the reasons why i've been feeling so shitty lately is because i've been in a super metroid rut so i feel pretty good about bringing back a run that was +46, even though it ended up dying

Myers-Briggs is mostly bs but this kind of thing is pretty common for my personality type afaik

i get really invested into relationships and often get hurts as a result

nazi america sounds like a pretty cool dystopian setting thinking about it

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Lots of guys ask me why I'm so popular with the ladies, this picture should explain.

Progressing kinda slow but it's fun


you know a character is badass when they speak entirely in katakana


hardest thing right now is understanding characters who speak in silly dialects and stuff

also big scary words

when i was learning english i would mostly learn from games so i'd know all of the game words but not a lot of practical english

kinda funny that it's the exact opposite with japanese

speedruns went not well so i'm gonna play more chrono trigger instead

took a nap and stuff, still not feeling super great but at least i'm stable