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Ms Cat

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mastodon has conversation muting

i like mastodon now

wow these columns feel so narrow after using pleromastofe for a while

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new fediverse drama
cute cybre hacker hacking girlfriend's hearts

chromium decided to just completely stop working

Tusky is in a crash loop Woopsie

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Pleroma: So easy to set up, even a cat can do it

pls follow @karen so i can followback and federate ttttyyyy

i think i broke it again woops

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oh of course

i typed enviroment instead of environment again

i'm gonna kms

okay, is up i think


progress! you can now go to and get a nginx 502

am i dumb or is this dumb

>nginx is complaining that something is using 443
>443 is used by nginx



nginx itself doesn't work now but we're making progress