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Ms Cat

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Bravely Default is pretty 👌

>Ms Cat
>Profile picture is a fox
Don't question it

Using mastodon feels weird tho

Ms Cat is still a great display name

wow these columns are narrow

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#listening (#kawen army)
"album": "Any Minute Now",
"artist": "Soulwax",
"duration": 272,
"path": "Soulwax/Soulwax%20-%20Any%20Minute%20Now%20%5BFLAC%5D/08%20-%20Accidents%20And%20Compliments.flac",
"title": "Accidents And Compliments"

reminder that this account is mostly unused and to follow @karen instead

remember when everything was okay and not full of anxiety and people didn't want to kill each other

yeah me neither

systemctl stop discourse.service
systemctl start comfypost.service

crap i said i wasn't gonna talk about any of this anymore kspdofgoisjdfiogsdfg