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Kawen @karen@niu.moe

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when u should be sleeping bcus ur working 2morrow but ur looking at swimsuits instead

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@karen what does succ have to do with video games? πŸ€”

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@karen that's the opposite of what everyone else wishes

fortnit is a fun gam but i wish i didn't succ

i have like 3 shit games for everyone decent game

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simple and clean (karen cover)

my forehead is a cryptocurrecny

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remember to fav like and subscribe so i feel validated

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@karen @ivesen I think you meant GNU/People, or as I've started calling it, GNU+People.

i'm always really surprised that like all the cool scary cool people like me

i was just trynna to get to forest temple without using hookshot

>haven't done a staircase hover in like a month
>does a staircase hover first try

okay l o l

why r video games way easier when ur drunk sometimes

fornite has to have a pretty damn high skill cap if you can get people queuing into squads solo and just 1v4 the entire time and win

i should get drunk and tell lili how important she is to me and how much i love her

i wish lain was my oniisan