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Karen (tfw gf) @karen@niu.moe

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i really suck at giving directions ufufu

you've heard of anitwitter but have you heard of aniskype

today is markedly better than last monday


i could probably read a lot more at work

i have more than enough time to do it and it makes time fly

czech - the secret code language of the fediverse

alex i swear to fucking to god

oops i just sent a person to the wrong floor OOPS

made it to work, time to wake up

Train stations will never stop being aesthetic

managed to get back to sleep but interrupted sleep still sucks, oh well

last stressful day at work today

hi body can you stop waking me up at 3am and not letting me sleep again thank you

working early tomorrow

nini fedi

just me and my daddy hangin out
i was gettin kinda hungry so i started to pout
he asked if i was down for somethin yummy
i said yes so he said he'd give me his a avocado toast

actually feeling hella lonely and stuff today

i was gonna study today but i really don't feel like it

"you're really pretty when you're smiling"


Nemo just dropped an egg carton. Don't be like Nemo - pay attention to what you do… (β•₯Ο‰β•₯)