i feel like i don't exist. physically

@kaori i mean it frightened me in a way i can't remember feeling for a while. i want the shower but it feels unsafe?

i've been getting light headed when standing up for a while, but i just got so light headed and unstable that as i walked into the kitchen i fell on the floor. tried to grab the table on the way down, had phone in hand. didn't get hurt at all but it really scared me

ACTUALLY fixed my bugs now. like, for realsies

the double free error i thought i solved yesterday isn't solved and i don't know what to eat

i was going to buy chocolate later and now i'm going to have to overcome a massive feeling of guilt ugh ffs

someone bought me a drink and so i asked for a diet lemonade and now an hour later found out it was a regular one with sugar and i feel terrible about it _._

”what do you want to smell of today?"

"the possibility of very sudden torrential rain"

kind of looking forward to after work tomorrow - showstopping bug in my personal project fixed means maybe i'll be motivated to get a bunch done?

today in the life of me: five yoghurts, and miscellaneous sugars

(i don't mind stupid mistakes like this, they happen, but it would have been nicer to have found it days ago)

fixed the bug that's been plaguing me all week

i had a different version of the same file elsewhere in the include path and something was getting confused π•π

going to try napping quickly and hopefully waking up in time to make it to the store to fulfill a lucky charms craving

do you think "blood test at 9am" counts if you've had two hours of sleep?

still haven't solved my c++ double free issue and it's driving me cccccrazzzyyyyy

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