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ok i still need help i don't even understand how to format my download of fate why does the universe conspire to keep me away from learning?

I'm not good at computer even tho I know some code.

torrented fate stay night just so i can finally take steps and understand the convoluted mess that this is. wish me luck.

im mad because i put so much work into that and was in the middle of my first adventure beyond home

my minecraft survival world fucking deleted itself oof.

gonna have to make a world backup this time

I lost one of my hidey holes in minecraft and also im in my current hidey hole and i lit hear fucking pillagers outside.

either that or im being paranoid and its just a wandering salesperson out there. I'm not sure i wanna risk it.

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when you are 13 years old and use limewire in 2007 to download that linkin park song you liked but you get this instead.

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i have a friend that is becoming more and more obsessed with sans undertale help

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i really should get a gaming laptop that has more room and better graphics process cuz games load slow as shit on the clunker im on.

yo when the fuck did the character limit on here become 1337.

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The government is trying to hide that putin and trump have E-RP

hi niu just popping by to post that youre still pretty cozy and i havent forgotten my frends here uwu

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what albums should i listen too if i like the a e s t h e t i c music?

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