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Hey niu howd the million go? I was asleep.

in fact screencap whatever the millionth post is and send it to me by posting it in this thread.

I'll probably be gone when we hit the million. I have things to do niu. I'm sleepy.

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Wait no one base left uncovered: music recs. I always need more music.

And a separate thread for VNs/Vidya recs tbh. Keep it all organized AND cover all the bases.

In the same vein as the anime recs status, gib me mango recs too.

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We're definitely at 999,500+ posts. Mastodon's status counter does not give the exact details on a given time span, hence the delayed status count update

niu give me anime recs to binge before i have to go back to school and actually use my brain cells.

this is a really important decision.

Should I
A) go 2 bed
B) toot on niu
C) write my epic video game story
D) write a shorter story for a friendo
E) vidya
F) Study

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