i really should get a gaming laptop that has more room and better graphics process cuz games load slow as shit on the clunker im on.

yo when the fuck did the character limit on here become 1337.

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The government is trying to hide that putin and trump have E-RP

hi niu just popping by to post that youre still pretty cozy and i havent forgotten my frends here uwu

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what albums should i listen too if i like the a e s t h e t i c music?

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though in other news i can't really find sympathy for the billionaire who died in penis enlargement surgery. mostly because its just a pure representation of how greedy and insecure the 1% is.

i saw a story about a boy who tried to kill his dad, tased the family dog, and severely injured a neighbor kid over being grounded from video games and its fucking terrible but i can't stop laughing because it just reads like a gamers rise up gangweed gang meme.

finals week is an ass but im prepped for it.

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common house spider: can i die of malnutrition in your bedroom please?

I'm da queen
even though i got nothing done today. oopsie.

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Wow, the anecdote that created the Weeping Angels in Doctor Who is super fucking creepy.

Stephen Moffat was walking in a graveyard when he came across a weeping angel statue that had been chained up. He dismissed it and carried on, but when he came back later on the angel had disappeared and when he mention it to a groundskeeper he passed on the way out he said they had no angel statues.

This might be one of those BS stories but if it's true then that is super creepy

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ubisoft goes steamworks bye bye always on drm

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