@kahasi well I made blob.cat and people are already instance blocking it without good reason :blobcatsad:

also just like, life is hard sometimes, y'know?

@mazuba Is it a lot of instance blocks? I mean, you know how some shards of fedi are...they'll block you for a single minor transgression, usually based on some subjective ideal.

As for life, yeah it's like that, friend.

@kahasi yeah, it just feels shitty to have people tearing you and what you do down without even hearing you out first.

@mazuba Just remember, it's not personal. They are just garnering brownie points with their online clubhouses; being puritanical and overzealous is encouraged in that circle.

It's of no fault of your own. You can only do your best and focus on the people who appreciate you, and perhaps those who provide respectful criticism.

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