It's a seasonal trash ecchi show, but I like ecchi and I'm going to shamelessly watch it and post about it.

@kahasi it's actually pretty funny though, and not even that ecchi in the grand scheme of things.

Fun tidbit: it's written by the author of Kengan Asura, a ridiculous martial arts manga full of muscled men. The author also confirmed Dumbbell takes place in the same universe as that, and there are even cameos sometimes.

@Oneechan I like it tbh. I actually do think it's funny and kind of wish it was more ecchi :3. Hibiki is also super cute and I want to gently nom her thick thighs.

Cool tidbit, too!

@kahasi I wish I could still enjoy that stuff. But it just feels weird at this point watching high school ecchi. I blame the fact that I’m old enough I could have kids who could be their classmates. :nttolderman:

@kahasi Yup. But everyone being into high school kids means there’s more OL waifus left for me. :aqua_smug:

(Actually it means that barely make any of it. :useless_cry:)

@PoorLifeChoices It's true. I prefer semi-thicc women tbh, and there's not enough waifus like that in that range :(

@kahasi There’s a slight increase in it with the rise in the demand for thicc, but ya, still nowhere near enough. (And thicc is often still high school)

@kahasi There’s a few out there, but nowhere near enough (and far too often paired with a shota. >.<)

Ugh. Damn it, anime industry, I'm an adult who just wants a tall thicc onee-san. Cater to me! UwU

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