Thinking of a video game crush is hard. Anime is easier by far.

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In the end everyone will block gab not because they're dangerous but because they're annoying
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Maybe I'll migrate back to Niu. Niu was always comfy even though all I did was post lewds :blobcatpeek:
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>deploy feature
>get user saying they're happy
fast forward 6 hours
>everything is broken
>the feature change dominoed into other places nobody thought to test

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@kahasi @miup adult behaviour, i.e. the behaviour where one frequently goes "you can't", e.g. "you're too old to watch anime".

Fuck that.

I have not reached adulthood at a mental level

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Good night Niu. And the other instances, you're lovely too.

Bonus doki doki because I just found the pic and she matches the theme of the last one :shrug_akko:

But enough on the merits of individualism for tonight, have some doki doki <3

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