Oh right, this is my favourite programming languages.

> g++: error: unrecognized command line option ‘-std=c++20’; did you mean ‘-std=c++03’?

Even the compiler mocking me.

I wish someone will crack SHA-1 so I can finally add the commit hash into README.md.

Blockchain is known for having scalability problem. To overcome that Bitcoin project should switch to MongoDB.

Every time I need a simple plot I'm ending up with trying hard recalling gnuplot syntaxis and googling.
It's fucking unintuitive and unmemorable.
Why I can't ever just `do-shit | gnuplot > 1.png`.
Fortunately someone made script named muplot for that.

An idea: make neovim plugin to mimic vim defaults and name it `unsensible.nvim`.

I want to 👎 a repo on GitHub. Or at least 😕 it.

XCB is not well-documented...
My typical workflow is to find the corresponding Xlib function documentation and try to apply it to XCB.
But at least it have a cute logo!

Trolley problem expressed by an railroad diagram.

Someone made file rename tool just to work around Thunar's segfaults.

I like this approach to fix things.
Just throw away and use an external tool.

My test query to check if search engine is suitable for using: "man gio".
It should show mankier.com/1/gio or something like that.

Note that open issues on GitHub are green, and closed are red.

Having an issue is considered an OK, and don't having one is indicated as danger/error (common UI guidelines, psychology of color, etc, etc).

E.g., following HTML is valid:
<!DOCTYPE html><title></html></title>

Following HTML is invalid:
<!DOCTYPE html><title>x</title><p>a<div>b</div>c</p>

But the standard defines how that invalid HTML should be parsed:
Note that <div> is not inside <p> now.

Make sure that your favorite parser handles this correctly.

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And I am talking about XML, it's simple enough.
In contrast, HTML is a complex shit that can't be reliably parsed even using some "HTML parsers".

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