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Me: *opens a twitter link*
Birdsite: "why don't you make an account with us if you're gonna do that? :)"

Yeah not like I was banned or anything lol

Gained weight but my waist size clearly shrunk a hole. Figure that one out.

apparently I get a 25$ credit for giving someone else a 40$ credit at
Anyone in canada want 40$ of food? hmu.

list of instances i'm considering reccomending to people 

For girls only. When a boy invites you to his place to watch a movie together, do you expect to have sex?

7$ per trade? Are you for real, that's the non-crypto standard? I guess if you're trading 1,000s of shares that's not super bad but...holy that's a big middle ground for buy/sell pairs

Lindsay Shepherd, is banned on birdsite 'forever' apparently

this continues to suggest that the increment stops when the distance to the origin is minimized.

like i'm picturing n‽(k) progressing in the direction of the origin, expressing the factorial of the length of the vector expressing the position of the nth root of -1 on the unit circle

like why do we stop ! at 0 anyway
presumably there would be a 'stopping point' for ‽ that might make sense

Rabbit pelts. You know... rabbits have no predators right now, and they are kind of out of control. The fur trade used to be a mainstay of this region. I wonder. . .

2017: shia incentive against pederasty/fucking little boys: the little girls are forbidden to you if you fuck their brother.

didn't even bother reporting my stolen (1400$+) bike to the police. Living and working in a crime infested neighbourhood, but the #1 priority is removing the trudeaupian police state.

@sinblr who i keep being tempted to unfollow because, damn is it getting hot in here or is it just me

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