speaking of not sure if i posted it or not.

this isn't my most expensive
costume yet, but naloxone is *not cheap* when the healthcare system doesn't pay for it.

(context: is about to get a / style safe injection site, and naturally the nimbys are up in arms about it. So my costume was an insite nurse ;) )

> This race is a dead heat between our team and the Conservatives. We need your help to win! Sign up to volunteer on Election Day ⬇️

where the hell did i find this book?

seems like one of the few books with both a and a background. Clearly written for the audiences in both, specifically, especially those interested in resisting fascism, and the real experiences in communist china in the early days.

> Need a ride to the polls on advance poll weekend in ?

> We got you covered*

> *in a car not a wheelbarrow**

> Do you need a ride to the polls on election day or this weekend? 🗳️ 🚗

> Call us at 306-371-6372 or email at sheri.benson@ndp.ca!

There are some lofts in downtown that are pretty amazing on the inside.

looks like iranian shi'a islamists and police have something in common: arresting girls for dancing.


> , Iranian young street dancer is in jail.

> Her crime? Uploading her dancing performance on instagram.

> Her family told me they’ve been threatened not to speak to media.

> This week 2 other women were also arrested for crime of dancing. Hey World! can you hear us?



> This is a plan which will positively impact people in Saskatoon West.

> My community has disproportionately struggled with crime, violence, and addictions. It has hit families and communities hard. But we can and must do better, and we have to seriously address this.

> That's why an NDP government will create a $100 million fund dedicated to helping keep young people out of gangs. These investments into programs work. They will help young people get involved in their communities, and will make it easier for them to leave situations of violence.

well it's a start

got to plant the seeds of an idea that 4thievesvinegar exists to the leader of the official opposition in saskatchewan, a local mla, the executive director of AIDS saskatoon...and a couple others at the 4thievzv3hh26qeh.onion/

I'd say the duty of care of the school is to shut down for fridays until this issue is resolved. I agree with schnits, this is a lack of leadership on the part of *both* the catholic and public school boards. The parents *are the problem* here, so requiring their permission misses the point.


Apparently scheer is going to be in the Farmers’ Market at 3 p.m. on Saturday.

Apparently the spam filter is so harsh that merely using the word 'mp3' results in your email being spam filtered.

You want to know why people don't listen to music anymore...when the basic communication platforms in their life censor them from even *mentioning* music, and the tools of music...can you imagine if you called the fire department 30 years ago, and they dropped your call because you casually mentioned the word 'cassette tape'?


> Saskatoon West is a battleground between us and the Conservative Party.

> What does that mean? Everything we are doing in this race matters:
✅ Every door we knock
✅ Every conversation we have
✅ Every sign we get up

> All of it counts, and we need your help.

Trudeau was asked, in to stand up for teachers, especially drama teachers, to stand up for the performing arts against the permission culture coming from the sjws. But he reiterated: he's willing to throw drama teachers, the entire performing arts under the bus for political points.



> Hey there! Why not stop by our office?

> 417 24th St. E is the place to be.

This isn't a bad idea: a registry to check, when applying for jobs, what kinds of injuries/accidents/diseases have been contracted at that workplace. That would allow someone to write a frontend to both that and SaskJobs.ca to make these sorts of things show up *as you're jobsearching*, presenting
- required qualifications
- pay
- how dangerous the job is
right as you're applying for the job.


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