@bald_godzilla ( if you enjoy learning new languages, you should check out my project - notabug.org/themusicgod1/Rahis - one of its goals is to help people like you learn other languages : ) )

(you could make such a name easy to remember if you used something like or that has numbered symbols, and then just have the fibbonaci sequence or something
Mr Ehta B Aotaaotaaaaotaaaaaaaaotaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaot... ?)

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Speaking of . we could do something like hebrew, in that if we assign numbers to our words we could actually treat them *as* numbers. That would be confusing, but doable.

@tora aha someone learning korean! interested in helping to translate a couple of words? might be a useful learning exercise :)

@pnathan aha a german speaker! Interested in helping translate a couple of words?

use case : a standard list of 错误.
whether by protocol (HTTP 451)
要么 stack trace, manual要么自动

aha! a korean speaker! would you be interested in translating a couple of words, to help facilitate understanding with the non-korean world? @hongminhee

l'alternative a google translate: apprendre & et parle pour le conversations a les personnes francais.

@Concerned_Catgirl@witches.town Sweet! Someone who is learning
Kurmanji! Interesting in translating a word or two for ? (translating is a helpful learning exercise!)


Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !