weird. there's no audio on my pornhub version of - I wonder why it's doing this.

During my regina trip, I made a point to stopping here, the point where not one, but two successive waves of revolution hit, and broke, and rolled back.

You could have watched from the spot where this tree would be planted as the police rushed the crowd in 1935, knocking over baby carriages and stepping on young children as they went in a rush to break the wave of progress as it came, on its on-to-ottawa trek.

You could have watched from this tree, in 2011, slightly smaller then, as the wave of hope, kept alive through the dark and the cold, though the electricity was cut and the washrooms stolen, when the last few participants in Occupy Regina were ticketed, arrested, chased away, their tents torn down.

"Here they talked of revolution
Here it was they lit the flame
Here they sang about tomorrow
And tomorrow never came"

...yeah I'm definitely going to get my next banned, somewhere.

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