It's pretty telling people who have been operating on minimal income and walking around with protest signs in down to -40C , and have been out for months... rejected an offer. It must have really been a crummy offer, knowing how conciliatory they are.

not that i'm super proud that i haven't got crouton working yet, but still, it's different.

Also this chromebook thinks it's running , cute.

I know what doesn't involve the use of any technology, unethical software development, the oracle v google java trap...the pizza industry! Not much to get in between the way of a pizza cook, a driver, a willing, consenting customer and a steaming hot, delicious pizza made with fresh ingredients...there's no way that would involve, say

...oh wait

"Anyone missing a white 09-14 dodge 4x4 half ton Iron Cross running board Fuel wheels, Found it this morning out in the country all glove boxes etc rummaged through 100% stolen tag and share I know it was mine i'd want to know where it was."

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