For some reason this link only works in tor browser for me.
But there you have it - a federated? www search engine that even apparently has contributions from me.

I'm finding I'm not just using it out of principle - it's actually competitive with duckduckgo/google so far.

@jeffcliff I tried it from my phone and it works without Tor. Where does it get its dataset from?

@loke depends on what data. search engine data? from the rest of the searx network afaik[1]

the cloudflare data?

[1] afaik, but don't take my word for it - there's a "source" link at the bottom of the page. You can help verify what it does :)

ok i was curious @loke
but...where do those get it from? I don't know

That link didn't work for me on a standard connection.

But between your link and the fuckoff google stuff. I'm more aware of the SEARX search engine / project.

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