Much of that US developer advice I just boosted also applies to those of us in the UK. If I'd known this earlier I probably wouldn't be plotting my escape into DevOps/Sysadmin stuff!

A couple of points I'd add:

* Keep finding the joy in your work. It's easy to get buried in the "not code" stuff and think "this ain't what I signed up for!". This leads down a very dark path...
* Your time at work is valuable. Spend it wisely, and make sure what you say "yes" to is worthwhile

@bobstechsite How not to go down that dark path? By the time I left I was barely a developer at all in anything but in name. 99%+ meetings/paperwork...

@jeffcliff I often find as a developer I'll be pulled into meetings I don't need to be in.

For cross-team stuff it probably makes sense for 1 person in a dev team to go and share notes later. For other stuff asking "does this need to be a meeting?" & "do we really need a dial-in for this?" can free up a lot of time

Similarly if people are asking you for paperwork, I can guarantee managers want their devs to prioritise code. If it's raised as an issue, the manager will fix it!

@jeffcliff another important thing is fostering a culture of being able to approach anybody by Slack or instant messenger.

It is so much quicker than email, and it eliminates peoples' temptation to try and book one on one meetings with you


@bobstechsite i guess from the dev/support PoV all you can do is be available on those platforms.

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