> And so it begins!

> My dear fellow Union members, the time to act has come. We have initiated the legal steps (and will soon inform you in detail), but we now also want YouTube to feel the heat by the sheer force of the public.
Our first (but certainly not last) campaign is the "Certified letter storm". We want EVERY YouTuber who is unhappy about things (read: 95% of us) to send a physical letter to YouTube in San Bruno.
Of course this is modern times, so no need to get up and march to the post office. You can do everything right on your PC or mobile. The video has detailed instructions how to use online certified mail services.
So please spend the 8-10 dollars and help us! I know this is quite a bit of money but we HAVE to show them that we are not to be under estimated in our decisiveness.
And after you have sent the letter on its way, please leave a photo of your face (with a mask if you want) in the comments!

> PLEASE watch this video help us on our important quest.

> United we stand.

> ALTERNATIVE LINK TO INSTRUCTIONS: drive.google.com/file/d/12IJDg

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