> SBI serves the people of Jammu, and Ladakh by operating 382 ATMs across 22 districts. For the complete list of functional ATMs, visit bit.ly/2YYjac5

> > opy & paste here. Now I know why many of my friends accounts have been deactivated: "I have just come to Delhi from Srinagar. It is worst than 1846. Srinagar is a city of soldiers and spools of concertina wire. Yesterday, it took me three hours to reach office (Residency Road) from Parraypora. Phones - mobiles and landlines - have been disconnected. Internet is off. There is no money in ATMs. A very strict curfew has been imposed across Kashmir. I could only move around with lot of difficulty in uptown Srinagar. I have no information outside that small part of the city. However, I did hear there have been protests in old town Baramulla. A colleague received a text message on his dead phone - some glitch. Everyone I met is in shock. There is a strange numbness. We heard about killing of two protestors but there is no way to confirm. Kashmir has been turned invisible even inside Kashmir. The forces on checkpoints have specific instructions to disallow journalists to cross the barrier. I saw a tv crew from Delhi inside a hotel outside Rajbagh Police station - they were saying Kashmir is calm."


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