just, wow

Look how afraid they are?
That's the sound of employees with power. They just have to grab it. They know full well that employees would get a better deal with a union.


@jeffcliff There are legit serious problems with how unions work in modern society. Even though lack of unions may be a bigger problem, there is no black-and-white conclusion to come to here.

hold on, I recognize you from before I was kicked off of reddit.

You tried to put blacklists into gentoo's version of bitcoin, including attempting to disrupt SatoshiDice and Counterparty[1]. That was not cool.

[1] reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/

@jeffcliff Linked article is a lie.

Spam filters are not blacklists.

SatoshiDice was an ATTACK on Bitcoin. People have a right to block attacks and refuse to participate in them.

@lukedashjr I was there for what that link talks about, it wasn't a lie. You can pull that nonsense with some no-nothing newb but I've been in the bitcoin community since the beginning and I was there for this stuff. SatoshiDice wasn't spam, and it was a good stress test of the volume to come.

SatoshiDice was one of the most useful services Bitcoin had going for it back then. I threw some 'dust' at their direction, iirc. You nearly kneecapped bitcoin's most valuable service at the time that I depended on bitcoin for my livelihood.

@jeffcliff If you insist on further spreading these lies, I will have to block you.

@lukedashjr Go right the fuck ahead. They aren't lies, they are the truth.

You also took the side of the /r/bitcoin long after I was banned there, too, and I don't ever recall seeing you admit all that went wrong, there, either.


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