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Mr. Jeff Cliff, BSc(CompSci)

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That's enough for the day. Next step: verifying the rest of therubyracer's deps are available/requested.

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lego is proprietary

GNU/toyblocks when? was blocked because of "high asshole ratio"

lol I'll never forget that.

A while ago there was a FOSS federated meetup-like platform. Anyone remember that?

> PayPal is particularly hostile towards Free Software projects and companies related to Free Software development.

That's disheartening :/

...suggests not to use their id in the country they are issued from. hrm

TCP as an underspecified two-node consensus algorithm and your proxies

(submitted by r4um)

F # of people I follow
Y # of people who follow me

Y = 44.60*F - 71.65

r^2 = .9977