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> in the first age software freedom is truly taught, honoured and practiced
> in the second age software freedom is mere formality and ritual
> in the third age software freedom declines and even the formality is abandoned

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For some reason this link only works in tor browser for me.
But there you have it - a federated? www search engine that even apparently has contributions from me.

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mozilla, in its talk suggests to unionize.

Yet unions like UNIFOR are clearly hazardous to internet health. So unionization isn't really a general answer here(though in some cases it could help) since they'll just get merged together into unions like UNIFOR in the long term, and we'll be back at

I've had the degree as long as it took me to get it now.

@mayelizabeth@birdsite stood up against and claims to have gotten some concessions for it (ie removal of ISDS chapter).

looks like a competitor for some of xrp's minor use cases.

1 (i'm not touching that mnemosyne db, that's live)

by the way today is !
You can take part by cleaning off your desk/desktop, so as to start fresh.

The 13 nations that had a weapons program, or have shown interest in acquiring a nuclear weapon(can you name them?) Show more

Since I won't exist after I'm gone, my wishes remain the same: do whatever the fuck you want. I can't do shit about it. Just make sure I'm properly dead before you start looting, k?

Other than that: Someone get Schnits a copy of my data to do what he will with it.

Crap. I'm not supposed to eat spicy food but there's some heat on this sandwich. Barely. Guess I'm going to find out why I'm not supposed to eat spicy food with this medication.

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