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Mr. Jeff Cliff, BSc(CompSci)

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2019: Trudeau government decides to spend 4.5 billion CAD$ to buy "Trans Mountain Pipeline Puss" cryptokitty that accidentally bought and now can't figure out how to get rid of.

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For some reason this link only works in tor browser for me.
But there you have it - a federated? www search engine that even apparently has contributions from me.

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Feeling foxy today! Also i´m planning to do Holo from Spice and Wolf 😊✌️

see now i want to find that toot of that amazing beatles cover someone posted here and you think i'll be able to find it?

> be me
> make server literally with the goal of making it easy and cheap to host, because i think it empowers people to host their own infrastructure
> 1 year later
> "hey Pleroma could be pretty good for people without many resources, even if the devs are all horrible people"

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wtf news agencies
canada has not legalized pot yet. The BBC and business insider have both jumped the gun.

please. if any of you need someone to talk to, hit me up in the dms. you’re not alone.

Per the EFF, the EU passed Article 13.

As a reminder, if the passes the plenary vote, there's no longer any freedom of speech on the EU-Internet: all speech has to be ISP-approved, and all mention of any copyrighted material stripped away.

This is going to WRECK Mastodon, as well as all other federated services.

Please, if you're in the EU, contact your legislators.

all links banned due to legal reasons :3

Jokes on the EU, torrents are unaffected. As well as indian servers

Anyone familiar with Diffie-Hellman/discrete log problems here?
If you have an oracle that:
has secret s,
takes x \in G,
returns y = x^s
is it hard to learn s?
What's this problem called? Is there a reduction from it to discrete log or diffie-hellman problem?
IOW, is it hard for Alice to learn Bob's private DH key, if they're doing DH exchange?

I'm thinking that the EU article 13 is an excuse for some company to sell API access to some copyright filtering service.

Step 1: impose a law nobody can comply with (EU Article 13)
Step 2: Some corporations releases a service that allows you to filter content in exchange for some monetary fees.
Step 3: Corporative success!

I got the EU...