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you know? I'm a direct competitor to google scholar, on the small scale.

If you are doing scholarly research on a topic, you could do worse than asking what documents I know that match that topic in my to-read list. My results aren't as good as google's....but I bet you'll get a hit, and there'll be no PRISM involved.

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Hi Mr. Jeff Cliff, BSc,
Your account, @jeffcliff1, has been locked for violating the Twitter Rules.
Specifically, for:
Violating our rules against abusive behaviour
You may not engage in the targeted harassment of someone, or incite other people to do so. We consider abusive behaviour an attempt to harass, intimidate, or silence someone else’s voice.

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> in the first age software freedom is truly taught, honoured and practiced
> in the second age software freedom is mere formality and ritual
> in the third age software freedom declines and even the formality is abandoned

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"People can't predict how long they will be happy with recently acquired objects, how long their marriages will last, how their new jobs will turn out, yet it's subatomic particles that they cite as "limits of prediction." They're ignoring a mammoth standing in front of them in favor of matter even a microscope would not allow them to see."


> Magistrate says Assange to remain in prison indefinitely. He has been in increasing forms of deprivation of liberty since his arrest 9 years ago, one week after he started publishing Cablegate. The Cablegate portion of US charges amount to a life sentence. 50 out of 175 years.

reminder: one of the 6 things I'm reading, start to finish, is the release.

Makeup isn't racist. Especially not in Canada. Take this american cultural hangup about makeup and shove it.

> Global News exclusive: Video shows Trudeau in blackface in 3rd instance of racist makeup


> Tfw you tweet pictures of Justin Trudeau in brownface and the Libs at Twitter deploy countermeasures

oh good lord

> The US government reacted to the publication of his memoir by filing a civil lawsuit seeking to confiscate all proceeds from it, on grounds that it violates his nondisclosure agreement with the NSA and the CIA.

Singh is embarrassing and continues to make my job at the doorstep promoting the NDP nigh impossible.


There is nothing inherently wrong with wearing costumes portraying other people in situations like halloween, private costume parties, school plays, etc.

>DMd two pictures of different models of Tesla cars
"Which would you drive?"
Dude I would happily drive a rusty 15-year-old pickup with a manual gearshift
Also I'd rather have a car that isn't littered with sensors, runs proprietary software, has an always-on internet connection, and would gladly smash into a concrete wall with non-responsive pedals and steering wheel if there was a certain software bug or malware attack

But the one in the first pic looks a bit nicer I guess, since that's probably what you meant to ask

copyright leads to DRM
DRM leads to suffering


I'm having trouble thinking of the last time I ate meat, other than maybe a single slice of pizza that may have contained some bacon bits.

> St. Joseph's Foundation celebrated a special gift with the clients at Hogarth Riverview Manor yesterday afternoon. The family of Amidie Prairie and Maureen Croissant Prairie generously donated a Rischler piano to Hogarth Riverview Manor. At the celebration, we were entertained by members of the Sounds of Superior Chorus. Thank you to the ladies who joined us and to Pat Towel for tickling the ivories! Thank you to Brian Prairie and the Prairie family and friends who were also in attendance. It was a lovely afternoon! 🎤🎹🎶

there is a piece of rice lodged in my netbooks' headphone plug
the speakers only work now when i plug the headphones in >_>

Java, for crying out loud, "ClassNotFoundException" is not useful information if you don't tell me *which class*!

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