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Mr. Jeff Cliff, BSc(CompSci)

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2019: Trudeau government decides to spend 4.5 billion CAD$ to buy "Trans Mountain Pipeline Puss" cryptokitty that accidentally bought and now can't figure out how to get rid of.

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For some reason this link only works in tor browser for me.
But there you have it - a federated? www search engine that even apparently has contributions from me.

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fb....apparently has live censorship going on .... crazy, certain words or phrases cause Post to be de-empathized, and you cannot select text and copy, so i just screencap and post as an image / picture

no one can stop me from doing what i want - no authority over me ... stop trying

> Having a community they built wrested away from them at the first signs of success is by now a signaling characteristic of weirdohood.

Shit, I should make a list of how many times this has happened to me.

So we ran from the "normal" people and their status games into our nerd caves, where computers don't mind us speaking to them in a very direct way. And made the Internet, so that we can talk to other nerds like us.

But then it turned out there's money in being able to talk to computers. And because of that, those people we ran from are trying to invade our little hiding place.

There's a long but good blog post by @maradydd that helped me understand it

(if you don't have a birdsite account and want me to contact them for you, let me know)

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