10mg of melatonin, yet still I struggle clinging to consciousness... Why am I so stubborn? Let me sleeeeeep :cry_konata:

it's my mastoversary!!!

I promised mastodon logo nail art, and so shall you have

this was surprisingly difficult to do, but i think that's just because I overdid it. I didn't 𝘩𝘢𝘷𝘦 to try to do an isolated linear rainbow for the m, but I did anyway :blobcheer:

On my list of wants: Make an Ogre Battle style game. I don't think I've seen that style of game done by anyone but OB and there were only the two installments. I feel like there's a lot of unexplored territory with it... better combat, more map interaction possibilities, etc.

Had fun at the festival today. It wasn't how we expected but the food was good.

Is there any kind of decentralized job board type of program? Thinking something like Skillshare or Craigslist but with the intention of sharing various needs/skills through connected communities.

Let's see if I can be succinct here

- I have run Arch as a desktop
- I have run various forms of Ubuntu as a desktop
- I have run OSX as a desktop
- I have run Windows as a desktop
- I've built and managed servers running FreeBSD and various flavors of Linux
- I've built a router using Stage1 Gentoo and it was about as powerful as pfSense is today

I've spent enough time with Windows, OSX and Linux desktop environments to be able to say it's nearly an even split between the 3. Linux/Windows are both things I've run as recently as TODAY.

I pay for a number of services, e-mail and Office365 come to mind.

I self host even more services, NextCloud, Pleroma, Syncthing, Wallabag, TT-RSS ,Matrix, XMPP and more come to mind.

Driving by and telling me my choices for hardware/software layout are "dumb" or "stupid" or anything in that vein is gonna get ya blocked.

Asking why and having decent discourse where we can explore other options is fine. I may even suggest a *different* approach than mine if asked.

I've been at this game a looooooong time. I know what I need and how my mind works.

Blanket telling me I'm doing it wrong is just fucking mean.

I optimize for what *I* need. Save your holier than thou bullshit for judgement day.

Getting lectured on being lazy and wanting something for nothing when I give away a sizeable percent of my income to charity and helping others... OK, thanks parent.

some days you eat the ass and other days the ass eats you

My creativity really took a nosedive when I stopped participating in the little homebrew gamedev community I was in as a teenager. On the one hand, I kinda want to go back and hang around, and on the other hand it feels really weird and awkward, and while a few of the veterans are still there, it's a much different place. Time apart is very alienating.

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