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Also I have enough space to mirror PoC||GTFO now

Server's back up. Not in full, just gopher and sshd, but those are the important ones

We're getting there. This is still the same atrocious color scheme I was using for my i3 rice, so I might end up changing that

Prom was at the aquarium tonight

Compiled the latest Firefox without GCC segfaulting B)

Experimenting with dwm this time instead of i3 so I'm redoing my rice. I also think I'll move to some shell that isn't bash, maybe dash or mksh

I was getting a kernel panic upon booting last night but today it just werks. I don't think I did anything between then and now

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Hard drives giving me trouble. fsck this

Considering switching to from Arch to see what it's like without poetteringware. Any advice for a new user?

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them: there is no more knights in XXIst century.


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BTW, if you're interested in working on pleroma (or a migration tool) please visit #pleroma on freenode and take a look at so we can coordinate and help you. Any help is very welcome!
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I originally wanted to run OpenBSD on it, but someone told me that the ARM branch isn't in a great spot right now. Maybe when I get more ARM under my belt I can help with porting

Even found a way to chroot into the sdcard with qemu, if I need to install something with aptitude

Set up a Pi Zero last night with build-essentials, emacs, nethack, no internet, and no display server. It's been very cathartic to run wild and hack with C and ARM assembly, getting help through man pages and header files exclusively

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ascii and ebcidic; get you a girl who can do both

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Technical Note: We originally wrote this article in Word, but then we converted it to Latex to make it look more like science.

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Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !
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