My schedule this semester is pretty much perfect. Weekday traffic on I-290 is only really on eastbound, so if I come home for a weekend I can go back Monday. Also, I'm already accustomed to an early dinner so I can just use the grab 'n go on my meal plan to snarf down dinner during CS187

Got the . I'll consider becoming a member this time around now that the student rates apply to me

We're getting there. This is still the same atrocious color scheme I was using for my i3 rice, so I might end up changing that

Experimenting with dwm this time instead of i3 so I'm redoing my rice. I also think I'll move to some shell that isn't bash, maybe dash or mksh

I was getting a kernel panic upon booting last night but today it just werks. I don't think I did anything between then and now

Oh hey, I made it into one of the recordings. Face reveal.

After a pretty long adventure of looking through the code of some obscure kernel drivers, I finally got this obscure USB analog capture device to play nicely with mpv(1). It even has a low enough delay that I can play some Nintendo.

We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !