Considering switching to from Arch to see what it's like without poetteringware. Any advice for a new user?

@jakob you mean aside from not actually installing gentoo?

read the manual C A R E F U L L Y
@ivesen @jakob don't listen to that. I installed Gentoo on my first try. It's not hard.
@hector @jakob installing gentoo isn't particularly hard
except when you have slightly nonstandard hardware and suddenly the default super bloated kernel can't boot your system for no apparent reason.

which means for most people it'll be a breeze but for some people it'll be nine hells
@hector @jakob

>using gentoo
>using default super-bloated kernel

You're doing it wrong
@dax @hector @jakob because I got tired of recompiling so I figured a standard kernel couldn't possibly fuck up..
I was so very wrong
Gentoo is fantastic, the hardest part is configuring the kernel. Just read the manual carefully to make sure you've got that configured properly and you're good.

The Gentoo docs are almost on par with Arch Wiki, and the installation guides are even better IMO.

If you just want Arch without SystemD et al, check out the Artix project
Note: the hardest part *for a beginner* is configuring the kernel. Once you figure it out, it's a breeze.

@dax @jakob or, instead of configuring kernel manually, you could just take .config from Arch or Debian

@jakob As @dax said, you may also considex Artix. I'd say to check out Void Linux (, I love this distro :)

@BrightOne @dax I'll take a look at them :) Void seems interesting. Even if I end up installing Gentoo, I might use one of those on my weaker machines

@jakob don't be surprised if one or more super important packages like X11 cause kernel panics because the port didn't build properly or some use flag you didn't know to set or unset wasn't set or unset.

also you might be able to gut systemd from arch but it's going to complicate life.

@icedquinn Thanks for the tip. I'll look at the process for removing systemd from Arch, but I've had a lot of people tell me it's awful so I'll probably just end up distro hopping

@jakob don't forget to add png to the USEFLAGS.

Compiling the desktop environment isn't so much fun that you'll want to do it twice.

@jakob Just take your time and read the documents. :) It can perhaps feel a bit overwhelming coming from something binary and simple as Arch.

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