Had to show ID to buy a can of computer duster today and it hit me that I'm old enough to do a lot of stuff now, like buy myself pseudoephedrine when I'm sick or check into a hotel. But then it got me thinking, why do I need an ID to do these things anyway? I kinda get needing some sort of identification when you're buying pseudoephedrine, but why do I need to be 18?


I actually had to get some compressed air to clean on my PC a few days ago as well

@jakob Pretty much anyone under 18, doesn't matter if their computer dies, Great law guys

@Ocean22 Yeah, I can imagine it getting really inconvenient if you legitimately need to clear the dust out of your tower. Almost as dumb as needing to be 18 to buy scissors in the UK

@jakob I guess it's because people can make explosives with it or something?

I mean, sure, but fuck dude I need compressed air to clean my PC

@jakob Now everyone is punished for the bad actions of the few

@Ocean22 Yeah :( Especially feel that with pseudoephedrine. I'm not making meth, I'm just sick as a dog

@Ocean22 Guy at CVS said it was because it's an inhalant and all the cool kids are huffing it nowadays, but I don't remember needing an ID to buy spray paint so maybe the bomb concern is a little more valid

@jakob the arbitrary age set where others don't feel obliged to prevent you from getting yourself into trouble to a wide degree.

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